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About Us


At MIR Seafood we serve dishes forged by the seasons. Using a selection of locally sourced, homegrown, homemade and foraged produce, we create beautiful, responsible and delicious food.

We are a small business, focusing around the ethos of sustainability, low waste, and the importance of fresh ingredients. 

Not only does this summarise our intentions, but also the great tasting food we offer. Everything we serve is made from scratch using the finest ingredients, resulting in a culinary experience that pushes the boundaries  and expectations of everyday 'street food'.

With food inspired by global cuisine to familiar British favourites - expect to see a range varying from spicy native shellfish to topped fluffy crumpets. You'll find something that catches your eye on our menu.

...and keeps you coming back for more!


Founder | Head Chef


MIR was founded by Joshua Reeves; new to the mobile catering industry - experienced in the kitchen.

The idea behind MIR Seafood was to create a universally friendly business that allowed him to not only spend more time with his family, but to motivate and inspire him to continue creating imaginative, experimental dishes and open new doors in the world of food.

MIR is a family run brand, and with the help of inspirational local producers, growers, friends and family,  we  intend to bring a welcoming approach to anyone that wishes to join our team or sample our food.

As a family we grow our own fruit and vegetables, make our own condiments and bake our own breads. The foraging we leave to Josh, who is always finding new and exciting ingredients to experiment with. (And test out on his wife Amber, their young daughter Margot and son Leonard!)

We want to share our love of all things food with you, just as we do with our families.